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But more than just talking dirty, the hosts offer something that feels quietly radical, given conservative Christianity’s long, sexist history of teaching women to obey and serve their husbands: a kind of empowerment.

This has many benefits for regular users of our site, such as a custom unique username, a profile picture, and more user profile seems slit like digital pimping out by these mods.. I give it zero stars I mean this could be a sensational app it's fun it's entertaining and also a little bit of a hassle I understand this app is for adults but the rules are quite childish you can get ban for the littlest things and don't get me wrong I love this the idea of anonymously taking to strangers is in my eyes very time consuming but I can't quite enjoy Anti Chat without fearing the littlest mistype or wording would get me ban Hope you fix minor things ~HOM247 It's getting to the point where I get banned from the app on a daily basis.A few minutes into a rousing conversation about why women should try new sex positions, four sensible-sounding mom-types explain why “missionary” isn’t ideal for orgasming.The daughter of a preacher, she always felt comfortable talking about sex and, after a while, grew to believe God was “nudging her” to speak to a bigger audience.“When you start thinking, purpose is for me to orgasm,’ I’m like, ‘Thank you, God! But the goal of this distinctly conservative brand of “sex positivity” isn’t to defy the church or its doctrines — it’s to increase sexual intimacy by closely following the Bible’s teachings.

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